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Fetch Blockchain is a global blockchain technology company developing cutting edge solutions for governments and enterprises

Introducing Project Impact (PI)

PI is the world's first and only blockchain powered project fund management platform built for Governments, Enterprises and Global Consulting Firms to best adopt the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDG). It manages the application, fund appropriation, and tabulates SDG impact on projects based off measured and traceable functions that adhere to both country / enterprise criteria as well as SDG indicators

PI and the power of blockchain is the latest way of showcasing the power of emerging technology driving substantive and positive change to all markets, sectors and geographies

PI Highlights

Some of the many ways PI assists governments and enterprises deliver Impact at Scale

Property Rights
Supply Chain Surety
About Us

Global Presence

Founded in 2017 Fetch Blockchain Ltd, is a specialist technology group focused on innovating and blockchainzing governments and enterprises. It designs turnkey SDG-driven impact application solutions at scale for governments, global consulting firms, multinational companies, and impact investment firms. We are female-founded and adopt the United Nations Global Compact Principles into our day to business operations and strategic partnerships

- The team have advised Government ministries and municipalities across five countries with total GDP of USD 2.3 trillion

- Created the world's first title / cadastral blockchain middleware solution to clean and remove errors and duplication of titles from existing title management systems

- Selected by the United Nations Economic Council of Europe as a blockchain technology company that helps governments achieve its Sustainable Development Goals during the UNECE Day of Cities Event, 2019

- The team have secured agreements with Government Ministries and Municipalities to introduce PI, the world's first SDG project fund appropriation and blockchain powered platform, its title / cadastral blockchain middleware solution (Sesamee), and the world's first blockchain powered agri-supply chain traceability application for farmers and their property rights to lands worked

Our Expertise
SDG Experts

17 Sustainable Development Goals. 200+ SDG Indicators. Governments and Enterprises are seeking clarity on both legal and economic definitions as it relates to proper adoption. All of this in time for the UN 2030 Agenda. Our experts can help clear up the definitions and design frameworks to take account of SDG adoption


Introducing the use of emerging technologies like Blockchain require professionals with deep sector expertise in both topic and market / industry and the credibility / experience to deliver. Our team of professionals will work closely with your teams and resources to blockchainize your systems and operations to create the impact you seek to achieve

New Applications

With the rise of the fourth industrial revolution, great challenges and pressures come with it. These pressures affect all departments and business units looking to find ways to better operate for the demands that society is placing on it to change. We are technologists that have worked with multinationals across a wide field of sectors developing technology at scale to improve performance and deliver substantial value

Thought Leadership

Our team of experts are leaders in blockchain and sustainability and have been invited to speak at major international conferences by global organisations, governments, and multinational companies. These include The United Nations (New York and Geneva), the United Nations Economic Council for Europe, The United Kingdom Conservative Party, The United Kingdom Labour Party, the OECD, the BEIS, and others

Government Advisory

Fetch's team has been invited to present and advise numerous Governments and municipalities across Europe, Latin America and SE Asia on Blockchain adoption, digital transformation, Impact best practices and innovation. These include 50+ mayors across Europe, the Ministry of Finance & Economy of Albania, The Ministries of Housing and Technology of Slovenia, The Ministry of Housing Belarus and the Ministry of Justice, Colombia

Impact Advsiory

Fetch Blockchain provides governments, organisations, major global consulting firms, and multinational companies with impact advisory on best practices to adopt SDGs. It provides tools and reporting functions as well as serves as Advisor on Impact programs

Recent Projects

Fetch Blockchain participated in Her Majesty's Land Registry, United Kingdom (HMLR) Digital Street Initiative (DSI) to develop proof of concepts on the use of Blockchain to streamline functions within the property buy and sale process. Our team successfully completed two POCs during this year long initiative and contributed one of the POCs to the United Nations Blockchain 4 Cities report. In addition, the Fetch team led DSI's design and development of HMLR's technical sandbox that aims to help HMLR drive greater innovation into the property sector

Albania NHA PI

Albania's Ministry of Finance & Economy National Housing Agency will adopt the use of PI to enable the Central Government to set the criteria and manage the application and funding process for Municipalities to ensure completion of application and fund appropriation against approved projects in accordance with the criteria set by the Central Government. PI will ensure that the Central Government and its departments manages the appropriation of funding for projects and the monitoring / reporting of projects in accordance with its criteria and the UN SDGs

Albania Agri Traceability

Albania will launch through its Municipality of Roskovec a blockchain powered agri supply chain traceability solution designed and built by Fetch in close collaboration with Fetch's select partners. The Agri supply chain traceability blockchain solution will modernise the MR's largest industry through certified standards that improve crop yields, marketability, and give farmers more income. The technology will be processed through PI to ensure that it meets its requirements on Agri traceability and achieves UN SDG 2 (Promote Sustainable Agriculture), UN SDG 9 (Build resilient infrastructure and foster innovation in agriculture) through proper transparent management and reporting practices

Leadership Team

Meet our Leadership Team & Company Advisors

Carmen Benitez

Co-Founder CEO

Polina Gusak

Co-Founder President

Andrea Rangel

Advisor to office of CEO

Marcelo Alves

Co-Founder CTO

Edward Lees

Blockchain Advisory

Robert Rankin

Corporate Advisory

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